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From Caesarea to Snow

“The blessing is the off shoot of the covenant. The covenant can never be cut down.”?

A word shared by my Pastor this time last week whilst we were in Jerusalem. If you’ve been following my story on Instagram you will have seen my adventures and heard of my experiences in Israel last week.

The trip (pilgrimage) was nothing short of amazing and so too much to cover in one blog post! You can check out my highlights on Instagram AND as you’re probably snowed in, you can continue reading this post as I go through my initial post-pilgrimage thoughts…

My time in the Holy Land was jam-packed!! By Tuesday evening, I felt I had been there for 2 weeks let alone 2 days! I travelled from Tel Aviv & Caesarea to the north (source of the River Jordan), then onto Nazareth & Jerusalem with Cana and Jericho somewhere in between.

There was so much I wanted to get out of this trip, especially with it falling at the beginning of the year.

In particular, and written in my earlier post on Goal & God Setting, I shared my commitment to journaling this year. No matter how many selfies, timed or group photos I took – nothing would tell a truer story of my journey than writing it down. So, each day in Israel I did just that – noting down what I expected to achieve that day, the focus of my thoughts & prayers and what I saw & learnt. It truly gave me clarity and a point of focus during the rare moments in subconscious solitude – on the coach with our tour guide singing Hebrew songs to kneeling at the Wailing Wall surrounded by echoing prayers and the distant music of a young boy’s Bar Mitzvah. As well as serving as a reminder, reflection and something to read back on at a later point.

I also wanted to get a visual understanding of the many Bible stories I had learnt about during Sunday School and more recently during my 90 day bible plan. 90% of the pilgrimage did fulfil this – but there were times you couldn’t ignore the conflictual history of the country. I suspect I’ll need a different kind of trip to dig deeper into that.

Finally, I wanted to establish and elevate my relationships during my time in Israel. My relationship with my family, friends, church, relationships to come and of course, a covenant relationship God. This goes back to the opening of this blog post:

“The blessing is the off shoot of the covenant. The covenant can never be cut down.” ?

It made me think about us as people blossoming and bearing fruit. It can happen to you and can happen from you, but the roots have to be planted in solid ground. With every step I made going up different Mounts (Mount Carmel, Mount of Olives, Shiloh…) my experience, faith and confidence in all things paralleled and (will continue to) take me to higher heights.

Receiving my Jerusalem Pilgrim certificate
I can proudly say I’m now a Jerusalem pilgrim and even though my body is back in the UK, my mind is still wandering the Jerusalem hills.

RochRia x




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