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Visit Antigua

If I could sum up my recent holiday to Antigua in two words, they would be: We Move. From sunrise to sunset on slow paced, easy going Antiguan time of course (!) – I explored the tiny 281 sq. km island.

I landed in Antigua on a Tuesday afternoon and checked into the all-inclusive Verandah Resort & Spa on the east of the island. With rum punch and a cold towel on arrival, Julene told me all about The Verandah’s amenities: two beaches, two pools, three bars and four restaurants. It was going to be a good time!

After being taken to my room on a golf buggy and freshening up, I headed to dinner which was around the main pool and included THREE jerk pits (chicken, pork and fish)! What a welcome! I opted for chicken, rice & peas, plantain and pineapple coleslaw on the side; washed down with some more rum punch!

I headed to bed early so I was rested & ready for my 5 day escape on the Caribbean island. Here are the things you should look forward to when visiting Antigua.

Superb Sunrises

I woke up the next day at 5.30am to catch the sunrise from my hotel’s main beach, and as you can see from the video it was truly worth it. After breakfast – which regularly consisted of bully beef (corned beef & potato), saltfish, callaloo (green leafy veg) and plantain ?? – I booked my excursions for the rest of the week. Compared to the prices I had researched on Trip Advisor beforehand, it was cheaper to book through my hotel as they were able to offer a package deal.

Beautiful Beaches

After planning the week’s activities I headed to Half Moon Bay. Sipping on tequila and ting (Caribbean sparkling grapefruit drink), I climbed the cliffs to capture these gorgeous shots.

Leaving the first of Antigua’s 365 beaches, I headed to the second beach on my list: Dickenson Bay. Yes, you read that right – Antigua has a beach for each day of the year! To make the most of them I strongly suggest hiring a car or driver.

I headed to the infamous surfboard pitched on the beach at Dickenson Bay to catch a ride to the Kon Tiki Bar, which resides in the middle of the ocean! After watching the sunset from the floating bar I headed back to The Verandah for dinner.

Kon Tiki Bar, Dickenson Bay

Exciting Excursions

Top: Bad attempt at floating and posing with the starfish! Left: Stingray City. Right: Posing (again!) on the way down the zipline

The next few days were dedicated to activities:

  • I ziplined through the Antiguan rainforest where my patois and surname, which is common in Antigua, granted me 3-4 extra zips ??
  • I fed and held stingrays at Stingray City (still thanking God for the courage & protection!) ??
  • On the Calypso Cat catamaran cruise I sat posed on the captain’s deck, snorkelled with starfish and most definitely got sunburn! ? As well as snorkelling, I had the opportunity to take in the 360 degree views at Great Bird Island (see below).

Navigated down some rocky terrain bare foot for this shot!

Views upon Views

Top left: At Jacqui O’s Beach House on Love Beach. Bottom left: Sipping at Sheer Rocks. Right: View of English Harbour from Shirley Heights.

I wrapped up my final days in Antigua with recommended visits to Shirley Heights Lookout & Sheer Rocks. I missed the infamous Shirley Heights Sunday Sunset party with BBQ and steel band as it was the night I was departing. But I went, and would recommend going, to Shirley Heights on a non-event/party day to avoid the crowds and fully take in the view of the English Harbour.

Unfortunately it was too cloudy for the typical Instagram shots at Sheer Rocks and to be honest, I found it overrated and overpriced. In my opinion you’re better off heading to Jacqui O’s Beach House instead which is less than a 5 minute drive away, on the actual beach (Love Beach to be precise ?) and has a more delicious, filling & affordable menu.

One of my favourite photos of the trip at Jacqui O’s Beach House


Rural Antigua, Rum & Rochelle Road!

As my adventures in Antigua wrapped up, I took in how much of the island I covered (a lot!), how much rum I consumed (A LOT! See pic above!) and most importantly, how rested I felt (a lot!).

You are never more than a 45 minute drive from your destination as Antigua is so small. So you’re able to find secluded beaches, small restaurants or a friendly local to point you in the right direction.

Antigua is more rural compared to other Caribbean islands I’ve visited and that is truly part of it’s beauty. I can’t wait to go back and visit the other 350 something beaches I missed!

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  1. Loved this!! You look like you had the time of your life and every shot is FLAMES – effortless beauty! x

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