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Still I Rise

How are you feeling with the ease of lockdown? How are you managing your mental health during the transition?

Let me start by saying this: you’re here. Let that motivate you – even a tiny bit!

I started lockdown unemployed, job interviews cancelled and companies not replying to any applications. Not even a rejection email! I knew I had to leave my last company, but I didn’t expect to be looking for a job in a pandemic! However, I end lockdown registered as self-employed, with a number of cool clients and nearly no money ‘lost’. It’s only God.

Speaking about it with my best friend of over 15 years (yes I’m old enough to have friends for over that long!), she said: “You always push yourself… from the day I met you. You land on your feet, so I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either.”

In the past I have pushed myself, to my detriment, into a wall and unfortunately that didn’t help my anxiety and depression spiral at this point last year.

Now, my mental wellbeing has transformed completely (insanely!) from where I was a year ago. I did push myself, but I had clarity on my milestones and took better care of me. I also utilised some great coaching tools (one I will be sharing shortly!). I still have work to do though… Our mental health & wellbeing is a journey, right?

This lockdown has taught and re-revealed to me a few things that has helped my turnaround from feeling anxious to feeling awesome ?:

  • Asking for help isn’t weak
  • More people believe in me and my gifts than those who don’t (or choose not to see them…) – even without seeing those gifts first hand
  • I like nice things that last and those nice things cost money lol ?
  • I often sit in self-doubt (or it’s sitting on me ?) and I need to get out of my own head
  • I need 7 hrs sleep, even working from home ? I’m a work in progress on that one!
  • No matter my situation or the state of the world, still I rise!

What has lockdown taught you? What has God revealed to you during this period? Share in the comments.

Whatever your answers or insight, I want you move into the final quarter of 2020 motivated by your #WINs.

I’ve created a faith-fuelled resource with one of my favourite reflection tools to help and support you to do just that. It was just one of the tools that helped me transition out of depression and really changed the way I looked at my life, achievements and aspirations.

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Still rising,


4 thoughts on “Still I Rise”

    1. Most definitely an attitude of gratitude for those closest to us ? and my savings are looking good too!

  1. Lockdown encouraged me to fulfil a certain purpose in life, or at least make the steps towards that fulfilment!
    And to do this, lean on the Lord in the beginning, middle and end!

    1. I think many of us are stepping into our purpose during lockdown. Giving it the time and energy it truly deserves!

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