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Settle Down

Have a seat. We need to talk. Me, myself and I got something to say!

A new week has dawned and I’m telling you to settle down. Why?! There’s a few reasons. I’ve read and heard a few things over the last couple of weeks that really solidified that this is the time to speak on it.

Firstly, this tweet sent to be by friend Rebecca (check our her blog here):

The first two sentences struck a chord.

There are so many #goals – #relationshipgoals #homeownergoals #travelgoals #fitnessgoals #hairgoals

Some are defined by society, others from friends or family members (read: aunties ?) and then there are the goals that we truly desire and are working towards regardless. The ‘tell me what you want what you really really want’ goals!

As one of my friend’s shared on Instagram:

“If the why is strong enough, you can put up with any how”

Considering your goals for this new week, the new month… and the year… and your life!! Really, take a moment! Are they a:

  • Must Have?
  • Must Have Right Now?
  • Nice to Have?
  • When this… Then this…?

Now that final one can be dangerous. It’s a trap that was explored during Worship Tabernacle’s Bible Study session: Trusting Your Value. Whatever comes after ‘then this’ is conditional. What if the ‘when this’ doesn’t come into fruition?

Grab an iced latte and chill.

Today wasn’t promised and neither is tomorrow. These three keywords shared by my Pastor, I will also share with you:

  1. Maximise
  2. Utilise
  3. Capitalise

…on where you are right now; whether that’s:

  • singleness ✅
  • living with parents ✅
  • ability to work from home ✅
  • a great circle of friends ✅
  • working for an airline ✅

You are meant to be where you are right now, reading this. You’re not early. You’re not late. God put you right there for a purpose.

Choose to be present. Choose to be (t)here. Choose the three ‘ise’s”. You owe it to yourself.

Settle down. And as the kids say: “that’s it. That’s the tweet.”

Comment if this post helped you lay foundations or take flight!