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Revelation 3-4

Following last week’s post, Revelation 1-2, on my lightbulb moments of 2017, I needed to let you guys in on a few more of these…

My Revelation posts have been a reflection on my aha moments and purposefully not #goals that I’m trying to squeeze in before the end of the year! And neither should yours. Because clearly they can wait (and have) for another time – whether that’s a new opportunity, with a new person or in a new year.

In the new year, I’m kicking off early with a trip to Israel. I thought it was an apt time to begin reading the bible [plan in 90 days] front to back before I go; especially given what God has pulled me and my family through in 2017 and in particular wanting to connect more with His word.

I let two of my closest Christian friends know that I would be calling on them for clarification and discussion of verses/stories. What’s actually happened is a series of text messages which in a gif look like this:

Revelation 3: The Israelites did THE MOST and God still sent His Son!

Now, this is not new news. Though after reading Exodus and the constant back and forth I was ready to tap out because the Israelites were getting on my damn nerves! But how are they different to me/you/us today?! Calling on God when they were low or in need, then thanking Him when they got [through] what they wanted. Time after time after time after time… You get the drift!

So far, the Old Testament has been much of a contextual reminder of Sunday School stories; in great addition to a reminder that God is unfathomably patient and merciful.

Revelation 4: There is nothing like the place called victory

(One of) My favourite songs/albums of 2017, by Deon Kipping is Place Called Victory.

The road to Israel won’t be as simple as reading the bible beforehand (thanks orange guy in the White House ?) and 2017 wasn’t a simple journey. But there has been substantial steps and lessons on the way.

Have you had a Revelation whilst reflecting on 2017? Leave a comment below!

RochRia x

2 thoughts on “Revelation 3-4”

  1. This year I learnt discipline > motivation.

    Without discipline all you get are short bursts of motivation that fizzle out eventually. Whether this is trying to lose weight, read the bible more or keep better contact with your friends. No matter the goal discipline is key to achieving them.

    Really enjoyed this post and hope your visit to Israel is everything you hope it to be and more

    1. Thank you for sharing! This is an amazing lesson and something I definitely will be applying in certain areas of my life (e.g.: the gym!)

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