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Revelation 1-2.

My biggest aha moment of the year revealed.

It’s been a minute since my last post! #sorrynotsorry I’ve survived, settled in and surpassed expectations in my first month in my new role. Particularly, my own expectations.

I’ve touched on feeling like I was coasting at my previous employer (here) and this quickly shifted to feeling like I was struggling to even tread water in my first few weeks here. But I hadn’t allowed myself to process that this was totally normal!! If I knew it all and wasn’t out of my depth in my new role, I would be coasting again, albeit in a different boat.

There were a few red flags during my application process:

1. The role title featured the word “Commercial” which in my short career history meant sales, which definitely wasn’t what I was looking for or wanted a part of ?

2. My now manager didn’t call me at the scheduled time of my interview. And no one could figure out why. ?

I should have written this company off, right?! If it was the other way around, there’s a strong chance a company would write off a candidate that had a role title that didn’t match the experience they were looking for or who were uncontactable for their telephone interview. Either way I persisted. And after my rescheduled telephone interview I prayed so hard for this role as it ticked all my boxes.

So now I’m here. My client areas are, and will flourish immeasurably with my support ?, truly transforming the way we do business. And it’s amazing to be a part of.

Revelation 1: Ask God before the need, during & after He blesses you with it

However, the “amazingness” of the prospect of the new heights (pun intended) I can reach were an afterthought. My purpose undefined. My own experience and skills undermined. As if it were up to someone else to plan and prepare for me. That’s definitely not the case. Over Christmas I need to get back into the habit of “me time” – not for relaxation or a clearer state of mind. Instead, to define my goals and fortify my purpose in and beyond this role.

A new industry, A new team. A new challenge. It’s fair to say I’m the most junior in my team in age & experience (they kind of go hand in hand!)… But during my final inductions last week which was rounded up with flight simulators and a chance to sit in cabin crew training tasting our new Business Class menu – it hit me. The light bulb moment. I’m a small girl (literally) in a big beast, but I’m ready and most importantly able to make a bloody big impact.

Revelation 2: Ultimately, God doesn’t call the qualified. #issaword

I don’t have it all, let alone understand it all – yet! There is a reason I’ve been brought here and I know God will clarify and qualify me each and every day.

Revelation 3-4 coming soon…

RochRia x

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