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Pillow Talk #MondayMotivation

Does anyone else end up having deep, meaningful conversations late at night? Not pillow talk, but purpose talk.

I’ve found a lot more of my “career conversations” have shifted from what do you do to what are you doing (one of the first pillow talk questions ?). There’s a lot of pressure in my generation to be doing more. Even though most of us are still figuring out exactly what that more is, we know we want more than the 9 to 5.

Recently I read on Medium that “Death, it turns out, is not your greatest fear. Actually, your greatest fear is reaching death and having never truly lived.” Compared to our parents who may stay steady with the same company for 5/10/20+ years – we are constantly looking ahead to get ahead. We want to have a purpose. And this sometimes keeps me up at night.

When trying to explain our purpose, we often want to give it a bad and boujie title – that way it’s easier for someone to understand, it’s more refined and it does what it says on the tin. We’re obsessed with titles: in our relationships, at work, on our CV/LinkedIn profile. But as I discussed in some late night pillow talk, I think your purpose should be an action, a servitude – not a title.

So whatever actions your doing today that:

  • Showcase your skills & qualities [your gift]
  • Serve others [your calling]
  • Ultimately fulfilling part of your purpose

Keep at it.

If each and every day you’re doing something that shares your gift, you’ll keep moving towards figuring out and fulfilling your purpose.



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