October 1st. My first blog post!
Before I lay out my life and the life of Foundations to Flights, I’ll start by introducing myself.

ASL (age, sex, location) is no longer a thing, right ?? But it worked back in the day, so let’s work on the formula:

  • Alias: RochRia, short for Rochelle Rianne (that’s me!)
  • Status: single, Christian, funemployed, transitioning to natural hair
  • Likes: beauty (foundations), travelling (flights) & Alexandre Lacazette (football)

The past 12 months have probably been the hardest time of my life; leading to this post and ultimately the start of Foundations to Flights. And after reading Adé Akins thread yesterday and encouragement from my girls (The GG Groupchat ?), I realised there’s no “perfect” launch date – which was pretty hard for me to come to terms with!

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The “phrase” Foundations to Flights came about from previously working at a global beauty brand to now starting a new chapter at a global airline (thanks Becss for coining the phrase!). But for me it means so much more…

1. My love for beauty
2. Getting baptised
3. Connecting closer with family members
1. Travelling (of course!) with BFFs and OAPs!
2. Taking off to explore new things & a new job
3. Getting out of my comfort zone

Foundations to Flights will initially reflect on my work/career, travels, family & faith. As I mentioned the last 12 months haven’t been easy and I didn’t want my first post to be a sob story as everyone is dealing with their own battles. But in a picture-perfect, insta-famous, 140-character-world I think it’s important to share some of these battles to let people know you’re not alone and don’t have to deal with certain experiences alone. So I hope you like and even learn from my experiences and please know you’re not the only one trying to get your ish together!

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