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No Luggage in Lisbon

Without a confirmed seat on the plane. And an AirBnb behind Gucci that I wasn’t sure was all Gucci. How did I get on in Lisbon – my first solo trip.

So why Lisbon?

Long story short. Masego.

Now if you’re on some J Cole – Who Dat:

Then I’m looking at you, not knowing who Masego is, like:

And if you haven’t yet gone to Spotify/YouTube/Apple Music to listen, Masego & I beg you to!

Back to the long story short! Masego, who produces music best described as Traphouse Jazz, came to perform in London in September, on my sister’s birthday. I tried to get my sister to move her birthday meal so I could go ? and can you believe she said no?! So that’s basically how I ended up in Lisbon – to see Uncle Sego.

Now because your girl loves to save a coin, I booked a standby flight with the airline I work with; which meant I wouldn’t be confirmed a seat until the airline stopped selling seats to regular customers & had any left… Luckily I was confirmed a seat 2 hours before take off.

I landed in Lisbon on Thursday night and took a taxi to my AirBnB – which I can now reveal only had 1 review ?. Like I said, I love to play games with my life save a coin. With a lot of WhatsApp messages to the host and words with God, I was comfortable with the AirBnB’s look, location and local host. And as my Uber driver drove past Armani, Prada and turned past Gucci to take me to my weekend apartment, it did not disappoint.

On Friday, I worked from Cafe Montana Lisboa (saving coins and annual leave days as Portugal is in the same time zone as the U.K.) and I met Lance from Atlanta, Georgia! My first solo trip friend!

TRAVEL SOLO TIP! “What brings you to *city*?” It only takes these 5 words to strike up convo with someone abroad!

Lance and I shared a bottle of Portugal’s famous green wine – whilst talking about books, being Black in America and eventually our bellies! So we headed to the infamous TimeOut Market Lisbon. We both opted for food from Michelin star chefs. Because when abroad. I had pork cheeks and sweet potato mash from Henrique Sa Pessoa; Lance opted for a steak sandwich. We both had a LARGE glass of Portuguese red wine. Because when abroad.

Walking down Pink Street with the amazing pink book known as: Slay In Your Lane

Turns out Lance liked Masego too and we both shared the same favourite song, so Lance bought a ticket and we met up later for the #LadyLadyTour. It was AMAZING! I was in Lisbon, Masego was in Lisbon, but his luggage wasn’t ?. (Check out Masego’s usual silky stage swag). Regardless, him and his band: Traphouse Jazz. Shut ?? It ?? Down ??! See my close up shots below and find out in my next blog post what else I got up to in Lisbon!

RochRia x

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