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E = (LG)²

Well, when was the last time you used Pythagoras’ Theorem?

This week on Instagram I posted the image above with the caption below:

In a nutshell, or a formula, it really equates to E = (LG)². Now I’m posting this late on a Friday, not to mention it’s been a 4 day week for most so I’m going to break this down simply and quickly!

(LG)² = Let Go x Let God

Yes, I have the “power” to make my own decisions or life choices. A Friday night in the free weights section of the gym or fish & chips on the sofa? Tonight, it’s the latter… But there are some (read: A LOT OF!) decisions and situations I have to ask for help and hand it over to God…

So what balances (LG)² with E? E is for…

Actually, E can stand for a lot of things. It depends on what you’re letting go and giving to God and how much of that you need to transfer or ask to receive [back from God]. We could simplify it as Energy (like the original E of E=mc²) and let’s say your energy levels scale from empowered to empty.

Now you might be thinking what is this woman on about? If I’m feeling empty or empowered how and why would I, or could I, hand it over to God? Well, if you’re feeling empty or exhausted, firstly, think about what’s causing that. This week for me it’s building a dashboard full of metrics to 99% completion and it getting “lost in the cloud”; it’s realising I’m still carrying professional baggage from nearly a year ago; and bickering with my mum about the new colour of paint in my bedroom (don’t ask).

Yet last time I checked my name was Rochelle Rianne, not Debbie Downer and it was a lituation when God was making me ??‍♀️

But in all seriousness, identifying what’s draining me (or you) and understanding it can’t always be dealt with alone; personally I know I need someone that knows me better than I know myself. Someone that can remind me this emptiness is temporary, and my purpose will be legendary.

This leads me nicely to the other end of the “E” scale: empowered. I wrote about believing in your sauce last week – but this doesn’t mean you forget who gave you your ingredients! When things are going well, BIG (you got a pay rise!) or small (your twist out is bomb!), thank the Power that put the power in you feeling empowered!

To round up on this bedtime-blog-post and however you’re feeling right now whether you’re “shining shining shining yhhhh” or feeling like sh… remember there’s a faithful Father Behind The Scenes working things out for your good so (LG)²✌?

RochRia x

Listen to the sermon I mentioned in my Instagram caption above, here

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