Level Up

Has your 2018 been naughty or nice?

Well, I was going to wait until New Year’s Eve to think and write about how my 2018 has been. But @ayoboladeborah Sunday question time got me first! So here we are!

1. Grounded

There have been many times my Pastor has got me snapping saying “issa word”! One particular Wednesday, he triggered us all with something along the lines of…

You can’t be in the Holy word and Hollywood.

Although I’m nowhere near perfect, I know living a hokey pokey lifestyle isn’t fulfilling of His word or my purpose. Being grounded in the Word has taken time, taken practise even, and I’ve come a long way. Not quite Dot Cotton, but one friend has started calling me Rev Roch ?

2. Clarity

Whew chilayyyyyy! Some people really can tek yuh fi eediat aka waste your time.

Discerning who can add value to your life isn’t a case of “cutting certain people off”, but listening and/or observing the hard truths they show you about themselves, or even yourself. Nothing is clearer than a mirror…

3. Responsibility

For my actions. For my behaviour. For my peace.

Taking charge of all of the above has led to heightened (display of my) emotions, but increased my ability to handle said emotions, with the help of friends and therapy.

In addition, I’ve learnt that the results of this “lesson” go further than serving me. It has positively influenced the way I serve others through faith, friendship and filters (Instagram!). Friends are reconnecting with their faith ?? and others are recognising my “glow” ✨??‍♀️ . In all seriousness, I’m going into 2019 taking responsibility to protect my peace. At all costs!

Let’s pray for more lessons, protection of peace and increase in 2019!

Apparently it goes down in the DMs – not mine though ?, so comment below with the 3 words that sum up your 2018!

Have a wonderful Christmas & New Year!

RochRia x

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