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Coronavirus *Cardi B voice* has us looking at all things on social media, on Netflix and most definitely all the snacks.

All those things have ‘supported’ me through the first few weeks of social distancing, but I have also allowed them to overtake too much of my attention (and sanity) to be honest. We are in very strange times. We’re not ‘allowed’ to play out and this period of protection, at times, has felt like punishment.

The extra hours I’ve gained from significantly reducing my commute, amongst other things, made me feel I could begin everything I had put on hold. But quickly my mind became messy with all the items I had put on my mental to-do-when-I-have-time list. I became overwhelmed by the speediness I tried to adopt to do everything; as the world outside was slowly stilling.

So I stopped.

On the last Sunday of March, I stopped, I got in my feelings and ate them too (I’m even eating bread again. Whew??).

Then I got a WhatsApp message that dragged me out of my Netflix & Chill and reminded me that gratitude is a must.

I’m sure we can all say we’ve been more reflective during this period of uncertainty. For the most part, thankful for our own health, that of our family and friends, our healthcare system and workers.

But with the days rolling into one (or three: yesterday, today and tomorrow), I’m sure there will be another Sunday of Sunday’s and I want to be ready for it. I want you to be ready for it.

#StayHome and look after yourself. Self care is NOT selfish. Do the following:

  • Cultivate a connection – have a go-to person/people you can drop a text too. Even if you can only manage an emoji. (On Sunday mine was ?)
  • Exhale & exercise – use breathing/meditation techniques to centre yourself. Move your body: go for a walk, join a Instagram live workout or dance class, try yoga on YouTube
  • Join the Foundations to Flights #selfcarechallenge – complete a self-care activity each day in April. Follow my Instagram for more info!
  • And in all things give thanks – you’re still here and trust me that counts for something. Make room for God and gratitude. We have the time… We always have the time, it’s just how we use it…

Signing off with my favourite scripture:

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer – Romans 12:12

Send me your self-care tips via the comments, or DM me on Instagram or Twitter.

RochRia x

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