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Find Your Light

I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m sick and tired. When I was singing “everything na double double oh”, this is not what I meant!

January 2019 was the fastest January to date according to… me and of course, Twitter. I prayed and fasted with my church, Worship Tabernacle, and discerned my word of the year: Marked (I’ll come back to this).

Into the first few days in February, I’ve had to realign my 2019 goals and I’m sure quite a few people do this with their resolutions. How much of that gym membership are you really using? Has your screen time gone down? Are you making *sings* money moveeees?

The key is that old S.M.A.R.T chestnut – taking specific, measurable and realistic steps to achieve your goal over time. As fast as January went, you are not going to change overnight or over a month and it’s why in trying to do so, I’m now sick and tired.

It’s kind of funny (not!) as one of my friends predicted this would happen just last week:

Bruh ?.

I’m the first one to scream “health over wealth” and quote the legendary Melissa’s Wardrobe “I cannot come and die”. But I’m not the second, third or fourth person to take my own advice.

To an extent, it’s affecting my work as I got told to log off ASAP and not to return to work until Thursday. And I felt so broken and unneeded – all because my manager told me to have 1.5 days off to get better! For my own good! I already started thinking how Thursday could end up like this:

But Tuesday isn’t even over. So I need to refocus on the here and now, squash the negative needy thoughts and push on like the 5’2 bad b I am! ??‍♀️

To help me, and you, I’ve put together a mantra so I can be reminded. Say these out loud (even if you’re in a public place!):

  • I am here today, and tomorrow isn’t promised
  • I have a seat at a table
  • God hasn’t set me up to fail
  • I will find & shine my light – I will NOT dim it for others; I will tell them to buy RayBans
  • I will protect my peace, at all costs (Job 22:21)
  • I will do all things with Grace (God in the race)
  • In 2019, I am marked for ________________ (insert your choice of word(s) here: elevation/greatness/discipline/yielding/overcoming)

I’m going to create an image with these declarations for you to save – watch this space (and my instagram)

I already feel better after writing this post and saying those statements ?. This is my #TransformationTuesday

RochRia x

3 thoughts on “Find Your Light”

  1. Such an uplifting post! Which I really needed to hear. in the middle of 6-9 applications with a tight deadline and I had been fretting over the risk of typos etc. but you’re right sis, God has not set me up to fail and He will do what He promised. Sending strength and love sis x

    1. Thank you! I pray God goes ahead of your applications and grants you peace of mind ??? You’ve got this because He’s got you!

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