One in 6ix

“Keke, do you love me?”

Surprisingly, I only heard Drizzy a handful of times whilst in Toronto. I flew to Canada for Caribana 2 weeks ago and it was a good trip filled with family, food and fetes!

Caribana is Canada’s yearly carnival; a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions.

How would I describe it?

The experience of playing mas (wearing a costume of feathers, jewels, a crown and did I say feathers?!) was amazing! I was frontline for the band: Tribal Carnival, section: Through the Looking Glass.

Becss and I playing mas with Tribal Carnival

Caribana Queens: Becss and I near judging point

In comparison to Notting Hill (London’s carnival), Toronto offers big roads and big bands. Other differences though were the lack of alcohol given by your band en route. Who drinking rum? Well, not us ?! Caribana is a “dry” carnival so you have to “BYOB” (bring your own booze). Becss made a strong rum and pineapple juice in our Tribal Carnival water bottles to take on the road, just to help loosen the hips! Or as a fellow masquerader would say: “for vibrations” ?.

At Caribana, there are barriers/fences between masqueraders and onlookers, so you only wuk up with your band, but it does give the carnival a true parade feeling.

The sun, the rum, the shaking of the bum equates to the photo above!

During our time here, Becss and I met people from the U.S., Bahamas and even from down the road in East London. And the Caribana crowd seemed to go one of two ways for the majority of pre and post parties: ‘strictly Soca’ or ‘have your Hip-Hop’. The large amount of New York visitors meant the parties advertised as RnB, Hip Hop, Soca, Reggae never really delivered on the last two genres. However, the events that played Soca, Soco and Sizzla made me feel right at home after hearing ‘mumbles on that beat’, better known as trap… ?

Would one come back to the 6ix? Definitely!

I have family there, friends too and when I next return for Caribana I want to be truly fete’d out! ??

Until my next post on Toronto’s eateries, mind your funky business!

No matter where you’re from or where you’re going ?, if you’re getting ready for Notting Hill I would strongly suggest you click the last link ???

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