#BYBS – The Morning Routine

Did you get up on the right side of the bed this morning?

There’s nothing much worse than waking up on a Monday tired, groggy and unprepared for the day that lies ahead. (Actually, if Arsenal have lost at the weekend, that’s much worse!).

It mucks up your whole day and everything that follows is bothersome. The guy on your commute who won’t move down the carriage – I know you can hear me!!! And yes I’m that girl that shouts down the TfL Rail train ??‍♀️. Your manager asks for that piece of work early ?. The lady making your lunch puts cheddar instead of mozzarella in your wrap ?. The little things become big things!

But what if you changed the little things in your morning routine to enable you to Bring Your Best Self to whatever Monday, and the rest of the week, throws at you?

A few moments in the morning to set yourself up and manage your mindset can remind you to look at things differently the rest of the day. It can help you manage your energy, attitude and time.

My morning routine starts the night before with Sleep Cycle. It tracks my sleep and wakes me up during a preset 15min phase so I don’t jump out of my sleep. (I see there’s a new bedtime feature on the iOS Alarm App which I haven’t tried yet. Please share any feedback if you have ?).

Next, I check out the “verse of the day” from the Bible App & play the full chapter it’s from and then right before I leave home, I put on my prayer shawl from my trip to Israel – setting out what I want to achieve for the day/week and asking God to go ahead of me.

During my commute I listen to everything from Grime to Gospel or, The Read to The Receipts Podcast! The music sets my mood (read: gets me hyped!) for the day. The podcasts might give me something deep to think about.

Now I’m not saying that I automatically bring my best self because I listened to a few tunes. But I recognise what I’m in control of from the moment my legs swing off the bed – my energy, attitude and time.

You’ve got the juice and power!

Believe in your sauce. Seriously. You probably wouldn’t be where you are if someone didn’t believe in your talent and potential. That someone is you. Not solely your manager or the recruitment consultant. You.

So most of all, you owe it to yourself to Bring Your Best Self. It’s your happy place, where you thrive and yes, it sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone. Most exciting, is that it’s a journey to fulfil your potential and purpose.

If someone annoys you, drains you or breathes the wrong way – how much more or less of your energy, attitude and time are they going to deplete if you prepared to bring your best self?

I challenge you this week to change the little things in your morning routine… Cut back on concealer and make room for meditation. Listen to the bible whilst you lotion your elbows. Swap extra sleep for extra reps at the gym.

Use #BYBS and tell me what your morning routine looks like. What do/will you do in the morning to ensure you BYBS?

RochRia x

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  1. Arsenal losing makes my Monday morning great..a new swing in my step. That said, it’s a great piece???

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