But God

Have you ever gone through a ‘But God?’ season?

When your frustrations overtake your fruit bearing, the pursuit of your purpose has to be paused or your narrative is nullified – that season. Those moments when you shout scream ask “But God? Why? Why me? Why now?”.

*slowly raises hand!*

This post/poem/affirmation has been sitting in my notes for a minute. In the midst of my ‘But God?’ and in my Joseline (Love & Hip Hop) cries of “I canna”, I needed to tell myself (even if I didn’t truly believe it at the time) ‘But God’. Full stop. Point blank periodt!

It was my saving and His amazing grace.

I will go through the fire, but He will make sure I don’t come out smelling like smoke.

I will hit what I feel is rock bottom, but He will not allow my bottom to be stuck to that rock.

My stomach will twist, but He will turn it around.

I will drive myself crazy counting the wrongs against me, but my Chief Accountant will restore what was debited from my soul.

I will lie in the dark and feel alone, but His light will lead me to community.

I will cry out my contact lense(!), but He will restore my soul and my vision.

I will feel void and in the valley, but He will fill and raise me up.

I won’t know which way to turn, but He will steer me for His purpose.

I will be crippled by my own mind, but He will give me peace of mind.

I will look in the mirror and not recognise my body, but I will see I am created in His image.

I can’t, but God can.

Lay your Foundations in the comments!

  • Share your ‘But God’ moments – when God showed up and showed out for you!
  • If you’re living in a ‘But God?’ moment – what do you need to give over to God?