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Breaking Bad

<p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-size: 12pt; color: #e7b19e;”><strong>Foundations to Flights is now a reality!!</strong></span></p>

I’ve been at my new job for a week now and settling well into a diverse team AND diverse company (#praiseJesus). I’ve met and spoken with the CEO, had a team away day and visited the airline’s club/premier arrivals lounge (they might as well take my money now – it’s LIT!). 
All these elements, added together so very well in my first week, show the power of a great induction and continue to affirm my move from foundations to flights. At the same time from home to work, my day-to-day is still influenced by foundations! On my face (Armani Luminous Silk atm), the systems that both companies use (in different ways), the way both companies run training…

I guess it’s a natural part of going somewhere new and comparing it to the old. The people, the operations, the technology. At some point I/you have to break that bad cycle of comparison – be that with a job, friends, partners/exes. Now it’s not to say forget everything or cutting ties completely (an ex can be an exception, cut him off sis!). It’s thinking about what do I know that I can apply in a new way or a new setting – like Walter White; from chemistry and car washing to “cooking” Kingpin.

How will you or are you creating your “blue meth” this week/this month/this year?

DISCLAIMER: Don’t do drugs. 

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Comment if this post helped you lay foundations or take flight!