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Be Your Own Motivation: FREE resource

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I’m really excited to finally share my first self-development freebie with you all! If you’re already a Foundations to Flights subscriber – you will have already received the news AND had early access to download ‘Be Your Own Motivation’! Share the love and let me know how you’re finding it!

As a Learning Consultant, I have always aimed to help people bring their best self to work. When they do (and when they can) they perform better and feel better about the work they’re doing. But often we can get consumed by our careers. Before and beyond our professional life, there is an individual that has a bigger vision and greater goals for their life (is that individual you? ?).

Often when we have [more] time to reflect on our personal & professional lives like the pandemic has permitted, if you will, we focus on the areas we need to improve, more than the areas where we are learning, growing or winning. Can you relate? I certainly can and it’s why I created the ‘Be Your Own Motivation’ resource. Simply, to help you give you credit.

The ‘Be Your Own Motivation’ resource is a reflection tool that will primarily help you to recognise your greatness. There is a core reflection exercise to help you do this and I have included scriptures & declarations to support you in connecting with God on your WINs. You’ll find out what WINs stands for once you download it! ? 

Are you ready to be your own motivation?

Then click this link, enter your email and get the resource straight to your inbox!

I really hope this resource helps you to own October and onwards and I’d love to hear from you once you’ve completed it. So drop me an email or DM me on Instagram with your thoughts & feedback.

RochRia x

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