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Fools & Showers

Where are my flowers in the pouring rain?

April is not awesome. An hour of sleep lost. A quarter of the year down. How am I going to spring forward when nearly every day of this month so far is compressing, depressing and stressing?

I write this sipping my second Disaronno and juice of the evening. My fourth of the week. It’s Tuesday.

If your name’s not Judy, who you judging?

Anyway, my best friend and soon-to-be doctor says it gets like that sometimes. And who am I to argue with a very nearly medical professional?! In some small way, I’m hoping the concoction will serve to help me select my next holiday destination, as well as my current anxiety. Hmm…

If I had my passport at work, I’m 99% sure I would have hopped on the next flight out to somewhere warm and by the water. Not to run away from the anxiety, but to have a much needed change of scenery for release.

But no passport means no playa.

Antics aside, self-care is important friends. In fact, it’s too important for a mid-week nightcap. And now, too important for fortnightly therapist visits. I’m focusing to resolve and release this bout of anxiety in new and more consistent ways. Call it a spring clean!

Yes, we are in the second quarter of the year. Though take a moment to look at those first three months. Roch, reflect. This post is as much for me as it is for you!

Self-care has to be an act of service towards ourselves; and can influence others. Ask yourself if you're truly serving mind, body and soul? Click To Tweet

April hasn’t been awesome for me – I’ve been consumed by anxiety. But what is awesome is that I’m 10 days in. 10 out of 30. A third. 33.3%. No matter which way I do the math, April’s odds are in my favour. Come rain or… more rain by the looks of it! Only if I take responsibility to practise self-care.

So as I’m heading to buy my own flowers, share with me:

  • Your reflection on the first quarter of the year
  • What self-care looks like for you
  • What are you resolving and/or releasing this month?

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Cheers (my last ? of the week),

RochRia x

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