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Abandon Anxiety. 

I’ve come a long way from having this picture as my screensaver, bookmark, on my desk, on my mirror…

For months I walked with a heavy, anxious heart, from home to work and back again – unable to place my finger on the exact trigger. My only “release” was worship on a Sunday, but by mid-morning Monday I’d be down again.

“I had it all” – a good job, free make-up (!), a strong network & support system and well-planned (and snapchatted) annual leave! But deep-down I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my potential or purpose.

So what did I do? I carried on trying to “fix” what external factors I could…

  • My uncle passed (another post coming on this).

Fix: throw myself into work

  • At work, despite having a really good job at a really good company, I was frustrated I wasn’t growing.

Fix: talk to my manager and director about the content of my role

  • My manager and director couldn’t change/shift my role responsibilities.

Fix: Vent. Wine. Update my CV. Did I say wine?

Guess what? None of these “fixes” fixed the issues or ultimately how I was feeling. I actually needed to focus on my responsibility to myself – physically, emotionally and mentally. So I did two things I wasn’t very good at: sitting still(ish) and praying. ​

Now I’m not saying lying in a hammock in Mexico will solve all your problems, but for me it was a start. It allowed me to focus on the following 3 things which got me through, and hopefully will help you with anything you’re going through:

1.  Me time – it’s a REAL thing!

Alone time is important. Quiet time is important. But don’t isolate yourself by staying quiet and alone.

2. Let go.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Whether you’re inhaling as you pick up a barbell in the gym or exhaling by screaming into your pillow! Find your release.

3. Talk about it. Out loud.

“A problem shared…” and all that jazz, isn’t actually jazz. Send a voicenote to your girl/guy group chat. Grab your friend and a bottle glass of *insert drink of choice*, head out/stay in and talk. Talk to The Man upstairs.

But seriously, and most importantly don’t suffer alone. Don’t hold onto that pain and anxiety alone.

Comment below:

  • When did you last have “me time” and what did you do?
  • How do you let go/release?


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