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2020 Wrap-up: Reflections over Resolutions

New year, new me. And that’s that on that! I’ve been away from Foundations to Flights (the blog and on Instagram) over this last quarter of 2020 so I wanted to share my reflections for the whole year.

Looking back is ok – it’s a reminder of the journey made and often much needed support for the path ahead (whatever that may look like). I’ve pulled together this quick post to help you reflect before you get into setting your resolutions. Here are 4 things I covered on Foundations to Flights this year and how they can help you at the close of 2020 and into 2021…

1. Affirmations

At the start of the year, on my birthday in fact, I declared my words for 2020. The acronym was GREAT (obviously set pre-pandemic…):

  • Growth
  • Restoration
  • Expectant
  • Abundance
  • Time

You can read my affirmations for each of these in my first blog post of 2020 here. Still amidst the panoramic pandemic (big up Boris ?), every single affirmation has been fulfilled. This isn’t to brag or boast. It’s to simply state a fact – a fact I could hardly  believe when I was doing my yearly reflections! There were definitely some dark days – unemployment, losing a family member, having friends lose family members too, anyone else find themselves randomly crying? Through and in all of this, I’m still standing and all the glory for twenty GREAT goes to God.

So whilst it may feel underwhelming or even futile to set a word for 2021 or to align yourself to an affirmation, let that feeling go and do it anyway. Review the progress you’ve made (big or small), the plans you pivoted and perhaps even those small pockets of peace you experienced. Write down three affirmations beginning ‘I am’ and go into 2021 in faith and with hope.


2. Foundations to Flights Self-Care Challenge


At the start of April I launched the Foundations to Flights Self-Care Challenge on Instagram – 30 days dedicated to self-care with my followers. It was a great way to focus on our mental, physical and spiritual health.

Why not start the year with the self-care challenge and include key things that positively contributed to your own self-care?

You can download the Foundations to Flights #selfcarechallenge bundle which includes the 30 day schedule and templates/prompts here (mobile version | desktop version).

Remember: self-care is for days that end in ‘y’. ❤️?


3. Foundations to Flights Devotional: Nourish

In July I decided to commit to posting and writing for 10 consecutive days on Instagram. My goal: create good conditions for Godly growth and provide practical steps to nourish and flourish in faith. You can check out day 10 of the devotional (pictured) here on Insta and read through the prior days’ posts/devotionals. The key questions at the start of the devotional can be applied to any new beginning so I have reframed them for you to reflect on. Write down your responses in a journal or note them digitally:

  • What has served your soul (& soil) this year?
  • Where do your roots need replanting in the new year?
  • Who has watered you & your growth? And how have you watered yourself?
  • Where did you shine your light this year? What are you most proud of?
  • How will you shine your light in the new year?


4. Foundations to Flights self-reflection resource: Be Your Own Motivation

Last but by no means least, I released my first FREE self-development resource! My day job is designing workshops and courses for clients and I wanted to use my expertise to give back to you. ‘Be Your Own Motivation’ is a self-reflection resource to help you give you credit – which you most definitely deserve at the end of this year. You can download and fill it in directly on your phone, laptop or tablet – click here to get it straight in your inbox.

So that’s it from me for 2020. I hope you are able to use at least one of these things to help you reflect on all you have encountered, experienced and exceeded this year.

For 2021, I have more resources and workshops coming so make sure you have subscribed so you don’t miss out!

Wishing you a happy new year with God’s grace, RochRia x



Comment if this post helped you lay foundations or take flight!